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Department of Chemical Engineering – University of Patras


Recent EPOC Publications by LCEP (UPatras)

Electrochemical promotion of the hydrogenation of CO2 on Ru deposited on a BZY proton conductor, Journal of Catalysis (2015). Comparative study of the electrochemical promotion of CO2 hydrogenation on Ru using Na+, K+, H+ and O2− conducting solid electrolytes, Surface Science (2015). Comparative Study of the Electrochemical Promotion of CO2 Hydrogenation over Ru-Supported Catalysts using Electronegative and Electropositive Promoters, CHEMELECTROCHEM (2014). Ionically conducting ceramics as active catalyst supports, Chemical Reviews, (2013). Promotion, Electrochemical Promotion and Metal-Support Interactions: Their Common Features, Catalysis Letters (2013).

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Honorary Doctorate

We are delighted to announce that Professor Costas G. Vayenas has received a honorary doctorate from the Aristotele University of Thessaloniki (ΑΠΘ) on November 23, 2015. Τhis was the first honorary doctorate given by the Department of Chemical Engineering of the ΑΠΘ since its foundation. 

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10th PESXM - Lecture of Prof. Costas G. Vayenas

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Electrochemical promotion of the hydrogenation of CO2 on Ru deposited on a BZY proton conductor

The kinetics and the electrochemical promotion of the hydrogenation of CO2 on polycrystalline Ru deposited on BZY (BaZr0.85Y0.15O3−α + 1 wt% NiO), a proton conductor in wet atmospheres, with α ≈ 0.075, was investigated at temperatures 300–450 °C and atmospheric pressure. Methane and CO were the only detectable products and the selectivity to CH4 could be reversibly controlled between 15% and 65% by varying the catalyst potential by less than 1.2 V.

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Film on LCEP produced by Dr. Enea in 1994

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