Laboratory of Chemical & Electrochemical Processes

Department of Chemical Engineering – University of Patras

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Recent EPOC Publications by LCEP (UPatras)

Electrochemical promotion of the hydrogenation of CO2 on Ru deposited on a BZY proton conductor, Journal of Catalysis (2015). Comparative study of the electrochemical promotion of CO2 hydrogenation on Ru using Na+, K+, H+ and O2− conducting solid electrolytes, Surface Science (2015). Comparative Study of the Electrochemical Promotion of CO2 Hydrogenation over Ru-Supported Catalysts using Electronegative and Electropositive Promoters, CHEMELECTROCHEM (2014). Ionically conducting ceramics as active catalyst supports, Chemical Reviews, (2013). Promotion, Electrochemical Promotion and Metal-Support Interactions: Their Common Features, Catalysis Letters (2013).

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10th PESXM - Lecture of Prof. Costas G. Vayenas

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Film on LCEP produced by Dr. Enea in 1994

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