Laboratory of Chemical & Electrochemical Processes

Department of Chemical Engineering – University of Patras

EPOC reviews


Ionically Conducting Ceramics as Active Catalyst Supports Philippe Vernoux, Leonardo Lizarraga, Mihalis N. Tsampas, Foteini M. Sapountzi, Antonio De Lucas-Consuegra, Jose-Luis Valverde, Stamatios Souentie, Costas G. Vayenas, Dimitris Tsiplakides Stella Balomenou, and Elena A. Baranova
Chemical Reviews 2013
Promotion, Electrochemical Promotion and Metal–Support Interactions: Their Common Features Costas G. Vayenas Catalysis Letters 2013
One of the Recent Discoveries in Catalysis: The Phenomenon of Electrochemical Promotion Carmen Jiménez Borja, Antonio de Lucas Consuegra, Jose Luis Valverde, Fernando Dorado, Ángel Caravaca, Jesús González Cobos Nova Science Publishers 2012
Bridging Electrochemistry and Heterogeneous Catalysis C.G. Vayenas
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 2011
Recent developments and trends in the electrochemical promotion of catalysis (EPOC)
A. Katsaounis
Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 2010
Milestones and perspectives in electrochemically promoted catalysis Dimitrios Tsiplakides, Stella Balomenou Catalysis Today 2009
Solid Ion Conductors in Heterogeneous Catalysis H.-G. Lintz and C.G. Vayenas
Angewandte Chemie Intern. Ed. in Engl. 1989
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